Your Community Is Not Prepared

(And if your community is not prepared, you and your family are not safe.)

  • The Civil Defense Book
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We are generations removed from adversity and generations removed from self-reliance. This makes us weak. We are dependent on technology for our very lives. America can’t support her present human population without the electric grid. And the vulnerabilities of the power infrastructure make it our Achilles’ heel. Even members of Congress have said that communities need to develop their own civil defense plan.

Every American needs to read this book. Congress has known for years that millions will die if an enemy attack or natural disaster damages the electric grid – yet the government has failed to act to protect the grid. The federal, state and local governments are not prepared to handle a national catastrophe. People and their towns need to help themselves.

The cavalry won’t be coming.

The Civil Defense Book – is the only book that gives people and their towns a step by step plan to prepare for a national-scale catastrophe where outside help is not available.

The Civil Defense Book: Emergency Preparedness for a Rural or Suburban Community

If you want to survive, get it now!